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Printing custom 3D objects for you. We specialize in prints that allow you to personalize and customize to suit your needs. The great part of 3D printing is that each item can be unique. We aim to let you create unique items for yourself without having to fiddle with a printer yourself.

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Custom Prints & Prototyping

We also provide custom printing and prototyping services. If you have a model you want to print, contact us using the contact form below. That will start the conversation where you can send us your model files, ask for advice on how to make them better for printing, and work out a quote.

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Customize Your Prints

Select your model and add your own name or text for yourself or as a gift!

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What People Are Saying
About Our Prints


Awesome! I sent a few STL’s, they printed the next day, and fit my project perfectly. I’d highly recommend Hanenprint if you don’t have a 3D printer.